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Art, Performativity, Blackness, Futurity

Thabang Monoa and Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe present their powerful practices in art and performativity. They bring
together their different points of view and offer insights into the intersections of art, performativity, Blackness, and the future.
Their dialogue is challenging prevailing narratives and envision new possibilities for the role of art in shaping our collective

Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe, performer and artist, Vienna
Thabang Monoa, researcher, theoretician, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Moderation: Asma Aiad & Marina Gržinić, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

In Cooperation with the EU International Program Erasmus+ at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the research project Conviviality as Potentiality funded by the Austrian Science Fund.