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Radical Art for Societies in Turmoil

Can radical film practices help to understand a disintegrating world? Can they have a healing effect? How can we maintain structures of solidarity in the field of radical media production for societies in turmoil and transition? Edited by members of the Berlin chapter of the International Radical Film Network, this collection investigates practices of audio-visual production that act on and struggle with the conditions of our time.

Andrea Ancira García, editor, Akademie der bildenden Künste, Wien
Ujjwal Kanishka Utkarsh, artist, Akademie der bildenden Künste, Wien
Moderation: Ursula Böckler, Julia Lazarus, Alexandra Weltz-Rombach, Radical Film Network Berlin

Ursula Böckler, Julia Lazarus, Alexandra Weltz-Rombach (eds.), Radical Film, Art and Digital Media for Societies in Turmoil, Berlin: K. Verlag 2023

Vienna Shorts

Best Practice Presentation and Discussion

When discussing festivals as safe or safer spaces, talk is cheap. But when it comes to implementation, expectations rise: awareness programs, demands for trigger warnings, navigating backlash in the event of political conflict, and much more. While meeting all needs may be impossible, we aim to explore how we can improve — or fail better — by sharing examples of festivals implementing guidelines for „safer spaces“. We address what works, how, and why, followed by an open discussion on the concept.

Panel Discussion and Film Screenings

Cinematic art serves as a powerful catalyst for shifting public perception and has been closely linked with activist causes since its inception. In the realm of short film, many artists are increasingly focused on challenging the status quo and addressing the current socio-political climate, driven by a yearning for change, one short film at a time. We encourage our guests to share films that have shown the activist potential of the moving image and, in doing so, have inspired their own work.

In cooperation with Vienna Shorts.
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