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“…first there was the garden”

The conversation of two experts will look into the use and meaning of the garden, both public and private. The garden today fulfils more demands than ever. It is a refuge from digitalised life and a bridge to nature. It is cultivated and untamable. While for centuries the aim was to control nature, today it serves more as a place for retreat, a possible surrogate for wilderness, a habitat for animals or the dream of self-sufficiency, a place of community. The essays deal with garden as art, garden as a place of enchantment, garden as action and resistance.

Ana Kučan, landscape architect, publicist, principal of Studio AKKA, University of Ljubljana
Lilli Lička, landscape architect, activist, Institute of Landscape Architecture, BOKU, Vienna
Moderation: Eva Schmolmüller, ig-architektur, architecture magazine LAMA, teaching and projects at the interface between architecture and social work.

Ana Kučan, Mateja Kurir (eds.): Garden and Metaphor: Essays on the essence of the Garden. Birkhäuser, 2023

An event by the Institute of Landscape Architecture, BOKU, Vienna in cooperation with the Slovenian Cultural and Information Centre in Austria.