Non-Aligned Movement: Cultural Exchanges

One of the recent additions to the UNESCO Memory of the World International Register are the archives of the First Summit Meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) that took place 62 years ago in Belgrade. During the Cold War, the Yugoslav cultural policy was built on a horizontal exchange with the Global Majority. The NAM states shared a common (cultural) colonial experience and straightened their collaborations on the ideas of Anti-imperialism and Anti-eurocentrism. Cultural institutions of the post-Yugoslav states hold collections from the times or are directly initiated by / related to the NAM Movement.
How were the collections conceived, how were the objects acquired? How did they reflect the official state policies then and what is the attitude towards the NAM heritage nowadays in the region (and beyond)? All participants share a post-Yugoslavian perspective.

Emilia Epštajn, curator, Museum of African Art Belgrade
Ana Knežević, curator, Museum of African Art Belgrade
Bojana Piškur, curator, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana
Natalija Vujošević, curator, Center of Contemporary Art, Podgorica
Moderation: Jelena Micić, artistic director WIENWOCHE

In cooperation with WIENWOCHE.