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Crit Cross #20

Crit Cross is an open discussion group of current writing about art. It has the aim to create a platform for the sustainable promotion of art and sociocritical dialogue as well as art-related topics in Vienna. Furthermore, it aims to promote the ability to read and exchange critically.
The premise of the project is that art texts are part of a social discourse, which also lives from direct exchange and that critical reflections on art and society are essential at a time when art is under pressure of justification in the face of shrinking resources and political change.

Rosalyn D’Mello, writer, art critic, Tramin / Italy
Nina Schedlmayer, art critic, Vienna

In cooperation with Verein K.


Wiener Festwochen

In Song of the Shank, the artists explore the biography of the blind piano virtuoso and composer Thomas Wiggins. Born a slave, he was continually subject to racism despite his exceptional status as an artist. Jeffery Renard Allen, George Lewis and Stan Douglas discuss the connection between art, identity and human rights, and the perpetuation of racist attributions in today’s art world.

Stan Douglas, film and video artist, Vancouver / Canada
George Lewis, composer, New York / USA
Jeffery Renard Allen, author, New York / USA

An event by Wiener Festwochen.