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Parks in context 1: Slovanské náměstí Brno

L-x 2023: The designed green space and the (social) climate.
For more than a century, parks have responded to climate and social challenges. The lecture series explores the role of parks in the urban environment. The first lecture presents a park designed by the modernist and “life reformer” Leberecht Migge in 1913 and restored in 2006. The landscape architect and the architect who restored the park explain their findings on the original design, the role Migge envisaged for the park and how they have interpreted the restoration work.

Zdeněk Sendler, Landscape architects and Radko Květ, Architect, Brno
English translation: Júlia Bobríková, Landscape architect at studio Sendler, Brno
Moderation: Lilli Lička, Institute of Landscape Architecture, BOKU, Vienna

Eine Veranstaltung des Instituts für Landschaftsarchitektur, BOKU, Wien in Kooperation mit ÖGLA, Österreichische Gesellschaft für Landschaftsarchitektur.

Civil Society Reimagined

The project Civil Society Reimagined. Citizens’ Memories and Imaginaries: Democratic Citizenship focused on communities
that have historically been affected by oppression, pushed to the edge of society: Migrants, Queers, and Jews, in the Austrian context. The book documents, how social and community issues can be addressed in new ways, by combining Citizen Science with arts and artistic research. With highschool students as citizen artists and scientists, the project’s aim was to examine critically what it means to be – or not to be – a citizen, and how to develop collective strategies to confront states of exclusion and marginalization.

Assimina Gouma, University of Education, Vienna
Marina Gržinić, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Éva Kovacs, Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies
Jovita Pristovšek, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Claudia Tazreiter, Linköping University / Sweden
Sophie Uitz, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Marina Gržinić, Sophie Uitz, Jovita Pristovšek (Eds.), Civil Society Reimagined. Citizens’ Memories and Imaginaries: Democratic Citizenship, Munich: kopaed 2024

Dissonance and Incommensurability:

The precedence of financial value, and economical thinking and logic, has been wholly and manifestly normalized under capitalism. However, this anthropocentric quantitative measurement is increasingly incommensurable with the actual effects of the misogyno-capitalocene.
This performative lecture will examine this space of dissonance from an ecosexual feminist perspective, positing non-anthropocentric queer ethics of value in the face of the multiple human-induced crises that are currently unfolding across the globe.

Angela Anderson, PhD candidate, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

In cooperation with PhD in Practice, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.


D/Arts Sessions

Join us in the world of collaborative artistic approaches with D/Arts Sessions: Exploring Collective Practices. We search for the essence of collective and community-based collaborations. Delve into inspiring examples of artistic-curatorial processes rooted in solidarity within emerging communities. Explore the possibilities of establishing responsible communication and its transformation into artistic-curatorial negotiations. How can equal expression become a tangible reality, enabling everyone to partake in envisioning alternative futures?

In cooperation with D/Arts.